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David Coles




   “It’s just common sense”



 Plymouth has suffered a steep decline in recent years and I believe that it is time that this situation is remedied. For too long we have been been under the control of the same ineffectual parties and it is time for change; too many people believe that there is no life beyond Exeter.

I am against building on Green field sites or any land which is used regularly to the benefit to the community such as Bond Street Field and Tamerton Field.

I have campaigned for the re-opening of Plymouth Airport as connectivity is one of the main problems facing Plymouth currently.

I am representing UKIP who have a “No whips” policy and members are left to vote for their individual beliefs not as their party dictates.

I take a keen interest in all Southway Ward local issues, lack of infrastructure in particular, and I am ready to fight on behalf of its residents and to try and resolve any issues brought to me.

Married and the father of three sons, I have lived in Plymouth all my life and in Southway for over forty years. Now retired, I previously worked for Devonport Dockyard then for Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, animal welfare being one of my voluntary activities.