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Published & promoted on behalf of UKIP Plymouth & SW Devon. Peter Endean. Station House, Station Road, Plymouth,  PL9 8DN.

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 John Wheeler


 “It’s just common sense”  




Following a full term career I then worked for international companies in the Gold, Diamond and Oil related industries, specialising in West Africa and the Middle East.

I have always taken a keen interest in politics and was approached in my thirties to be considered as a possible conservative councillor in the Radford Ward, but due to my military career I was unable to take up this opportunity.

For the past 10 years I have been involved in attempting to protect individuals and associations against “political intransigence” taking an active role in matters of planning, I am also Chairman of my local residents association. I quickly realised that this “comfortable” two party “baton passing brigade” which has dominated the political skyline for generations had to be broken up before this city has any hope of moving on, I joined UKIP.  


Born in 1948, in Carshalton Surrey, I started work on the day of my fifteenth birthday at W.H.Smiths head office in Lambeth London.

Having always yearned for a career in the military and my father refusing to allow me to sign up earlier, I took advantage of my company’s move to Swindon and shortly after my 17th birthday I signed on the dotted line for “Queen and Country” into the Royal Marines. The adventure started and for the next 30 years I pursued a career to which I felt I had been born for.