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UK Independence Party

Plymouth & South West Devon


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  “Its just common sense”



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We have a lovely community and want to keep it that way.

The first pointer in UKIP manifesto is surely to LEAVE THE EU

This would relieve many of our issues affecting our lives

.EU Contributions Of £54 Million Per Day

.Cost of Immigration & Effects On Our Jobs

.Same Day GP Appointments ( that would be good )

Reference the negative comments by many on free trade and effects on Britain, do you think for one minute the large manufacturing companies such as Mercedes and Citroen etc would stop import & sales of their cars in Britain..
No of course not.

But out of the EU we then have the ability to trade with any world partners without having to seek EU permissions.

Brussels governs Britain and that is just not right. We must regain our sovereignty and our own governance.

As a married father of two teenage children and a resident of Plympton Chaddlewood,I have decided to stand again under the  UKIP banner, because I firmly believe in democracy and independence.

Today, local councils have no real power, they are required to impose legislation from central government, who in turn are directed by the European Union, via many directives. I shall strive for such independence.

If YOU are fed up, like myself, with the continuing deterioration of Glen Road and other roads in our area, the silted up drains, the illegal camping of travellers and litter. THEN VOTE FOR ME PLEASE.


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 Jonathan Frost