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 Your UKIP Candidate

Philip Partridge


  “It’s just common sense”    




I am passionate about our city and as such want to see it grow and thrive in a re-invigorated environment.

A return of engineering and other associated businesses to our city is also vital to achieve this aim.

I support negotiations with Viable, with an end view to reopening our airport.

It is gross failure to allow such an important city asset to be left unused, particularly considering our lack of regional and national connectivity.

I support our small and medium businesses and would see the scrapping of parking increases in our town centre.

This would benefit our businesses; retail, hotel, B & B and restaurants and encourage both tourist and local resident trade to the city centre.

I am your UKIP Ward Candidate and I will do my very best for our community.

If you have any concerns, either local or national, please contact me and let me know

 Born and raised in Plymouth, I run my own property maintenance and plumbing business.

The problems and associated bureaucracy of running a small local business is therefore well known to me.

I am, along with many local residents, fed up with the two political parties currently not creating the right environment to help Plymouth achieve it’s rightful place, not only in the South West, but also nationally and internationally.

Give local people preference over non locals for local services and really listen to their concerns, not just lip service as currently seems to be the norm.

We are a city with so much going for it, yet neither the conservatives nor labour seem to care about the cares and concerns of local people.

I therefore decided I should endeavour to make a difference, with a party that I believe has the right policies to create the right conditions for growth!