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  Hugh Davies                                                                                 



   “It’s just common sense”  




This is the first time I have stood for public office and I am looking forward to it and the challenges it will present. My interests include cricket, squash, football and rugby. I have been to watch England on their last 3 test match tours to New Zealand in 2002, 2008 and 2013, which was a wonderful experience. I support Plymouth Albion and Plymouth Argyle, going to see them when I can. I enjoy foreign travel and embracing and learning about the cultures and history of the places I visit.

I am attracted to UKIP for a number of reasons:

Firstly the democratic deficit presented by the EU.

Secondly how I myself, and I believe many ordinary voters feel that those they elect from the three main parties no longer represent and reflect their concerns about matters in their day to day lives.

Thirdly the rejection of the “Politics of insults.” Whatever your political colour you should be prepared to advance and argue your case without stooping to insults and patronising remarks. To hear a Prime Minister refer to UKIP as “Closet racists and fruitcakes,” is frankly not only alarming, but disappointing. Leaders should lead, not stoop to the lowest common denominator. Great Parliamentarians such as Tony Benn never ever sunk that low, always engaging in an argument and presenting their case, with which you could agree or disagree.

Fourthly the serious flawed economics of the euro. More and more commentators of all persuasions are recognising that a single European currency with one central interest rate is incompatible with sound economics. Sadly the ones to pay the price for this are ordinary voters in the Eurozone, in for instance Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain where their jobs are going as well as their standard of living.

Fifthly Democracy. Democracy is defined as “A form of government in which people vote for representatives to govern on their behalf.” The EU has no democratic mandate from you, me or your next door neighbour. We cannot vote out an EU Commissioner or a member of the Council of Ministers. This is not democracy at work. The EU is an undemocratic institution and has been allowed to evolve as such. Neither I nor you have a say about the people in the EU who make decisions about whether to increase or seek to harmonise taxes.

Sixthly history shows us that change is possible in the political system. It has happened recently with UKIP and with your support can continue to happen. The Labour party arose in the early 20th Century out of a need, which was not being met to represent the poor, the working class and the unions. They emerged and broke the two party state that existed between the Tories and the Liberals. It is of interest to note that when the future leader of the Liberal Party Jeremy Thorpe entered Parliament, following the October 1959 General Election he took his place alongside five Liberal colleagues. In 1964 General Election they had nine MPs and a further three in the 1966 General Election and now they sit in government.


To re-establish an airport link from Plymouth

Maintaining public highways, parks and spaces

Dealing with potholes

Ensure that public counters in Police Stations are kept open

No to Council Junkets

Promote and encourage access to the Council and Local Government

To listen to and serve, to the best of my ability, those whose constituency I represent

To be true to my beliefs. Policy over presentation.

UKIP is picking up and attracting voters who feel they are not being listened to, (because they aren’t) and are fed up of being told what they should think. The party is here for YOU. This is in fact democracy at work.




I live in Eggbuckland with my wife Linda, who is a Civil servant and have lived here for over 16 years. I have spent most of my life in Plymouth, where I was brought up, I was educated at Plymouth College. I work as an Accredited Police Station Representative and have worked in the legal profession for over 24 years.

I have always had a keen interest in Politics and History. I am especially interested in notable Parliamentarians of 20th and 21st centuries including such figures as Enoch Powell and Tony Benn. I have a keen interest in the history of political parties and their various causes.


    Hugh Davies X