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Shuan Hooper



 “It’s just common sense”    




As a local councillor, I will listen to and work for the people of Honicknowle, Ernesettle and West Park. It's your voice, it's your vote, use it vote UKIP.


My Commitment

When i grew up in the Honicknowle ward it was a kids paradise. We had good housing, open spaces and youth clubs. No wonder youngsters today get so frustrated there is absolutely nothing for them. We need to address this, to give them motivation, to provide them with something to do. 

For a long time now, I have had a feeling that Honicknowle, Ernesettle and West Park have become the forgotten side of the city. Let’s get noticed again. Finally for the last 80 plus years Plymouth has been controlled by either Labour or Conservative. We need to change this, we need a third way. Let’s have local people listening to local voters, and doing what we can for our ward.

So my commitments are:

 Help motivate youngsters, give them a purpose in life.

 To get Honicknowle, Ernesettle and West Park the recognition they deserve.

To work as a local person with local people. Listen to them and make a difference

  I am Shaun Hooper, UKIP candidate for Honicknowle .

I have lived in West Park for many years. Since I left school 32 years ago, I’ve held a variety of jobs – I’ve been DJ, joined the Army, worked in Sales, and have also been a Motor Mechanic. The school I attended, Ernesettle Secondary, is no longer there!.

I have a lifetime’s knowledge of Plymouth and am seeking your support as your UKIP local councillor.

Honicknowle already has one UKIP councillor, so voting for me would strengthen our ability to make a difference and achieve your goals.

The upcoming local and National elections, present a huge opportunity to make a massive change to the face of politics, not only in the Plymouth area but also Nationwide.

I believe this will be not just an election, but a statement that UKIP not only makes sense, but it makes common sense. We aim to fulfil the needs of the British people along with the needs of OUR Plymouth people, who I believe have long been neglected.