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Jason Shopland



  “It’s just common sense”   




I was born inside the Lion & Column pub on Ham Green.
I have a partner Tara and we have two children Mya 3 and Ezmee 2
My career has been diverse, when I was 17, I joined the British Army, 1 Devon and Dorset, and served for 10 years. After leaving the Army, I lived in Germany for 6 more years and ran a pub for almost a year, then I took a post as a supervisor in a Civilian armed security role.
I returned to the UK in late 2004 and worked as a Broadband engineer for Telewest, at the same time I studied for the MCSE, A+ and N+ qualifications and became a computer engineer.
After that I then became a security guard and ran my own small security firm for a few years in Plymouth.
I have been a Taxi driver for the last 4 years, and am very happy doing this job as I work for a great, local firm who are based in the Ham area





If elected on May 7th 2015 my aim is to protect the local services for local people in the Ham Ward, ensuring local people have a local voice and issues are dealt with at the council ASAP.
As a Taxi driver in Plymouth, I understand the hardship for local working families and people who are struggling in our area. I intend to fight for your rights.

The popularity of UKIP has snowballed due, in part, to the policies to remove Britain from the EU which is costing the British economy in excess of £54 million per day.
Just think what that capital could be used for here in the UK, reforming our hospitals, training  more Doctors and Nurses and ultimately reducing the waiting list for those needing medical attention.  Same day GP Surgery appointments would be good as well.

Locally, I would press for improvements to roads and pavements, which are slowly being addressed but not fast enough.

What do you want for our city? Let me know and let’s see, if together we can make some changes for the benefit of our local community.

Due to severe disillusionment with the current and previous governments, I decided to enter in to the realms of politics. I intend to help the fight for “LOCAL SERVICES”, protecting our culture and employment for the benefit of this and future generations.