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Maddi Bridgeman


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 “It’s Just Common Sense”  



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I am ready to fight for the people of  Moorview Ward and listen to their issues and address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
I am ready to stand up for my city, our city.  I am sick and tired of the out dated and blinkered views of our current councillors. It is time for some fresh thinking  and it’s time to put Plymouth back on the map and move our city into the 21st Century


I moved to Plymouth as a little girl in 1981 and fell in love with the city; there’s Moor to Sea! 

I am happily married with two children and I work full time but I also enjoy supporting local charities such as St Luke’s Hospice and Woodside Animal Shelter. 

Most people will know me as a fighter and the person who started a petition in 2012 to Save Plymouth Airport.  I have fought tirelessly as part of the Viable group and taken part in debates at full council meetings.  I strongly believe that if the people of Plymouth had not signed the petition the airport would be gone and the people of Glenholt, Estover and Derriford would now have an enormous housing estate being built on their doorsteps! 

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  Maddi Bridgeman X