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Chris Storer


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Married with 4 children, all with successful careers, I am a local Ham ward resident and have lived in the area all my life. Presently working for a local boat building company I know the kinds of pressure we are currently under to make ends meet. Bills constantly rising, services constantly being reduced and our older generation having to decide on whether to heat or eat; a disgrace in 2013. Our current politicians seemingly unable to help those in most need.

 I am an active member of the community and am on the board of the Wolseley Economic Development Trust, and, as a believer in local democracy, I have decided to stand for Plymouth City Council as your UKIP councillor in 2014.

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 I feel that being a UKIP councillor would enable me to bring the voice of the whole community to the council’s attention as I will be able to represent the views of all the residents, ALL YOUR VIEWS, and not just those of one party, as UKIP councillors do not enforce a party whip. Therefore I can, and will, vote in a way that will benefit you, and not just go along with the party line as is the current case with both the Conservatives and Labour councillors.

As an example some things I would like to see sorted out are the condition of the roads and particularly the pavements, something that is slowly beginning to be addressed but nowhere near fast enough.

 Why for example, with a housing shortage both nationally and locally, is the old civil service club land still wasteland? An eyesore that could be put to much better use.

Let me know what you want for our city and let’s see, if together with hard work and good old fashioned common sense we can make some changes to people’s lives that actually mean something to our local community.