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Alex Thomson


  “It’s just common sense”    




It is my aim to serve the people of Plymouth to the best of my ability.  My military experience has instilled a strong sense of duty and a driving need to get the job done.   My commercial experience gives me the common sense needed to deal with people of all levels.  I have lived and worked at most levels of the social order allowing me to quickly grasp people issues, whether it be waste control or anti-social behaviour. 


I was born in Scotland and raised in a tenement building where four families shared an outside toilet.  With education and lucky opportunities, I’ve managed to much improve my circumstances.   I am widower, with four sons, a daughter and three grandchildren.  I came to Plymouth as a young man and was so impressed I resolved that this was the place I wanted to live and have done so since 1980.  I am a keen walker and can be regularly seen wandering the SW corner of the moor – even in the worst of weather!

I joined the Army as a boy soldier, rapidly advancing through the ranks – square peg in a square hole!   23 years later I entered the security industry and undertook assignments at home and abroad.  I became the Head of Security for Robert Sangster’s race horse stables on Manton Down.