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John McCarthy



  “It’s just common sense”    





When I moved to Whitleigh the first things I noticed were the derelict buildings in and around Whitleigh Green. I wrote to the three sitting councilors, actually got a reply from one, but nothing happened. The one time old folks home and discarded community center remain as expensive eyesores. If elected I will do my utmost to have these buildings re-used or demolished.

Some of the roads and many of the pavements are in poor order - tripping hazards for the unwary and expensive tyre traps for cars and bikes. I would make sure that Budshead gets its share of the £20,000,000 which, we are told, is to be made available for road repairs.

Pay Day Loan Shops. As in most towns and cities these outlets are now in evidence in Plymouth. They are honey traps set to catch the impoverished and vulnerable. Once hooked their sky high interest rates make it very difficult for the victim to escape. If elected I would do all in my power to curb their activities and make Plymouth an unbecoming environment for them.

My email address is published on this website.  Please make contact if you have any suggestions or if there is an issue that I may be able to help with. I would be happy to call on you to discuss it.  


Born and educated in South West London I have spent most of my life in and around the Home Counties enjoying the challenges of a career in sales. whilst I  achieved management within the company, I always retained a grip on the  sharp end of the business, visiting people in their homes to demonstrate and take orders.

 Unlike the other major political parties UKIP does not have a ‘whipping’ system which forces its representatives to toe the party line. This means that, should you elect me to be your representative, I can be just that and on important issues I would always do my best to keep everybody informed and vote the opinion of the majority of the ward.

Between now and the election in May 2015 I plan to visit every home in the ward so I look forward to meeting you to hear your views upon how our part of the world should work.

John McCarthy